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Here at JPAC , We encourage programs that are designed for each age group, giving your performer their time to shine. Our goal is to instill confidence, self esteem and accomplishment within our performer while also cultivating friendship, support and empathy for each other. 

Although we do not supply costumes, we will share whatever we have in our magic closet!!

donations are always appreciated.


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storybook Theatre.jpg

We are so excited to be able to bring an "Intro to Theatre" to our younger thespians. Storybook Theatre is a lovely mix of stage work, scene work, vocals and dance all encapsulating the magic of every classic fairytale . This is an 8 week program .  This program ends in a magical showcase for friends and family. This program is so beneficial for building self confidence, imagination and amazing friendships. 

Ages 5-7 years

8 Week Program

Starting Tuesday January 9th 

Runs every Tuesday


Showcase day is Tuesday February 27th


2 spots remaining

Costumes not included

The Conservatory.jpg

The Conservatory is for our advanced thespians aged 15-23 years 

Two fabulous programs that encapsulate everything your college bound student or aspiring performer will need . 

Styles Class and Audition Prep

Don't wing it - Bring it!!


The mean Princess Cinnamon, the not-so-bright Princess Peppermint, the vain Prince Hairgel, and Prince Slacker are obnoxious, bratty adult children who do not live up to their royal titles — and they still live at home!  The king and queen try everything to help their children grow up and move out, but nothing seems to work. They call upon a fairy godmother to help quiet the castle.  But who knew hiring a fairy godmother came at such a ridiculous price? Nothing goes as planned and musical, comical, royal chaos ensues. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, the musical fun in this original fractured fairy tale farce is equal only to its magical appeal and the haphazard events that lead to hysterical happily ever after! 

Ages 7-10 years

11 Week Program

Starting Wednesday January 10th

Rehearsals every Wednesday

Except Tuesday 19th March will replace the Wednesday 20th


Tech Day is Thursday March 28th 5-8pm

Show days Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th


Ages 8-15 years

10 Week Program

Starting Thursday January 11th 

Rehearsals every Thursday

Except Tuesday March 5th and Tuesday March 12th will replace the Thursdays that week


Tech Day is Wednesday March 20th 5-8pm

Show days Thursday March 21st, Friday March 22nd and Saturday March 23rd



Young members of a community club solicit the town’s eccentric inventor, a strange scientist named Dr. VonDrugen, for help with a clean-up project at a local park.  When the go-getters find themselves trapped in the house with mysterious disappearances and occurrences happening left and right, they start to wonder if the rumors really are true...  could Dr. VonDrugen be a mad scientist turning children into cats?!  To add to the mayhem, a group of school bullies shows up to try to scare the students away.  After all, if Dr. VonDrugen helps them clean up the park, they’ll have to find a new hangout!  Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, they do...  and everyone, including the audience, is surprised one last time!  Fun, quirky characters and plot twists make this play the cat’s meow!

Ages 10-15 years

11 Week Program

Starting Saturday January 20th

Rehearsals every Saturday


Tech Day is Thursday 4th April 

 Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th



Foundation Of Theatre

foundation of Theatre.jpg

This 6 week program is a perfect start for your budding Thespian. This is also a great start for your incredibly shy or anxious child. Our program is designed to work at each child's pace with a huge emphasis on working together , creating , use of imagination and making friends. The leaps and bounds we have seen in our youth has been magnificent. Each child finds their voice and confidence. We cover the basics of performance Art to include monologues , stage presence, stage knowledge, vocals and choreo. The 6 week course ends in a small showcase for friends and family to enjoy!

Ages 8-14 years

6 Week Program

Starting Monday January 8th 

Every Monday


Showcase Day - Monday February 12th 


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