Here at JPAC , We encourage programs that are designed for each age group, giving your performer their time to shine. Our goal is to instill confidence, self esteem and accomplishment within our performer while also cultivating friendship, support and empathy for each other.
Give the gift of Theater with these fabulous new programs to start the NEW YEAR!
Payment Plans available 

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This timeless and beautiful classic tale is a must have in every youth Theater. This is a story of Fern and Charlotte's race to save  Wilbur  from becoming a Christmas Ham. Charlotte spins the powerful words Humble, Radiant and Terrific to help show the human world who Wilbur really is . This is such a heartfelt and powerful story on how words and deeds can in fact change anyone's life.

AGES 7-10 years

10 Week Program

Starts Thursday January 12th 

Runs every Thursday 4.30pm-6.30pm

except for  two scheduled Tuesdays March 7th and 14th 

Tech day - Thursday March 23rd 

Show days - Friday March 24th and Saturday March 25th.


Includes two free parent tickets for Friday March 24th

Sing Out Loud - Everything Disney.png

Our Sing Out Loud Series is a popular choice with our budding vocalists! We collaborate with our "Sing Out Loud" Performers to create a show that best showcases them, while honing their skills in vocals and Broadway choreo. We work with your child on every level from beginner to advanced...Start building the trifecta of Performance Art and Musical Theater for your future star. What could be better than to create a show with " Everything Disney" 

AGES 8-15 years

10 Week Program

Starts Saturday January 7th

Runs every Saturday 10.00 am - 12.00pm

Tech day - Thursday March 16th

Show days - Friday March 17th and Saturday March 18th.


Includes two free parent tickets for Friday March 17th 

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Whole Latte Love is a coffee shop with a catchy slogan:  ”Where There’s Magic in Every Cup.”  Only it’s more than just a tagline.  Each one of Isla’s six special blends really has a magical power — if only for the duration of the cup.  For instance, Fuzz Buster clears the cobwebs and makes you a genius while Chill Pill relieves you of all worries.  Cupid’s Arrow is a straight-up love potion, and Veritas acts like a truth serum.  With ”perks” like that, it’s no wonder this coffee shop has such loyal customers!  But Isla finds herself in hot water with her landlord, who gives her an ultimatum:  pay three months of back rent or he’ll evict her.

Will Shelly spill the beans about the magic coffee?  Will Isla save her shop?  And why is the landlord suddenly acting like a five-year-old?  Don’t worry, be frappé!  Love and laughter are sure to win in this frothy, fast-paced comedy!

This is a non- musical option for our actors.

AGES 10 - 15  years

11 Week Program

Starts Wednesday January 11th 

Runs every Wednesday 4.30pm-6.30pm

Tech day - Thursday March 30th

Show days - Friday March 31st and Saturday April 1st


Includes two free parent tickets for Friday March 31st

Disney Descendants.jpg

Based on the popular Disney Channel Original Movies, Disney's Descendants. The Musical is a brand new musical jam -packed with comedy, adventure, Disney characters and hit songs from the films. 

Imprisoned on the Isle of lost - home of the most famous villains who ever lived - The teenaged children of Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella De Ville have never ventured off the island... until now. The four troublemakers are sent to attend prep school alongside the children of beloved Disney Heroes. They have a difficult choice to make . Should they follow in their wicked parents footsteps or learn to be good?

AGES 10-15 years

10 week program

Starts Friday January 6th

Runs every Friday 4.30pm-6.30pm 

Tech day - Thursday March 9th 

Show days - Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th


Includes two free parent tickets for Friday March 10th

The Foundation of Theatre 

foundations of Theater.jpg

This is a wonderful Opportunity for your young Thespian to learn the foundation of Theatre. This is a 6 week class that delves into every aspect of Theatre. To include the modes of  acting, presentation, improvisation, musical theatre and basic choreo. This gives your thespian a chance to experience every aspect of Theatre performance. 

We mix this program in with fun games and exercises to help learn  and to enjoy the entire experience. Once they have built their foundation ... there will be no stopping them! 

Ages 9-14

6 Week Class - Starts Monday January 9th 

6.00pm - 7.30pm 

Runs every Monday 


For ages 15 -19 years please head on over to