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Advanced Training 

The Conservatory

We are so thrilled to be able to bring an advanced training program to JPA for our older performers ages 15 years - 19 years. Many of our performers age out of our youth programs at 16 and we wanted to be able to offer a continuing education program that would be instrumental in their success if pursuing a career in the performing Arts world or just to keep building the confidence and knowledge for use in everyday life. 


Ages 15-19 years

6 Week Program

Starting Tuesday January 9th 

Runs every Tuesday


Showcase day is Tuesday February 13th


Limited spots


This is a 6 week class that focuses on the 19th Century (Victorian Period)

led by our advanced instructor Zoe Collins.

A perfect advanced class to stretch your Thespian.

Week 1 - Introduce time period and the Three sisters play 

Scene work and discussing how the setting is prevalent to the play 

Week 2 - Victorian Etiquette

Understanding the restrictions in dress and behavior to include scene work

Week 3 - Fan Language 

Fan language and how it is used during the time period, intentions and scene work.

Week 4 - Dance day 

We will learn the Quadrille dance- an early popular form of square dancing

Week 5 - Rehearsal for Showcase 

Combination of all skills learned

Week 6 - Showcase 

Free for all friends and family to attend


Audition Prep for College and Career

This is a 6 week program that encapsulates every thing your College bound student or career bound performer needs to know. Invaluable information for your child to get that head start. Led by our amazing instructor Zoe 

Week 1 - Get started 

Resume's, do's and don'ts, how to format ,Headshot pointers, Work on resume , research songs and  Monologues.

Week 2 - How to find audition material

Contrasting monologues, types of monologues, how to cut music, how to mark music, start working on pieces.

Week 3 - Audition Day 

In person audition, greeting, casting, performing, leaving

virtual auditions

Week 4 - Mock Monologue /Song day 

Choose pieces and finish up reels and virtual auditions. 

Week 5 - Run through of all auditions for showcase

Week 6 - Showcase

Free for all friends and family to view. 

zoe .jpg

Ages 16-23 years

6 Week Program

Starting Saturday January 13th  


Showcase day February 17th 


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