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Jacksonville Performing Arts


The Conservatory is designed for our teens aged 15-19 years of age . 

We have been asked to extend our programs for our teens and we jumped at the chance as we have seen our Youth Performers grow up in front of our eyes and are THRILLED to be able to have them with us just a little longer. We are invested in each and every child and to be able to see them follow their passion and hone their skills is an absolute gift for us!
Our  Conservatory is designed to nurture growth, experience and a leap into other age appropriate genres and material. Our classes are designed to hone their skills in vocal, acting, dance and audition prep for college and for professional life. 

Our Teen Murder Mystery

Teens murder mystery.jpg

Stiff competition from nearby Medieval World threatens to drive the annual Renaissance Faire out of business.  Attendance is plunging, especially at the traditional Shakespeare production.  Who wants to spend three hours on a wooden bench watching a play they don’t understand?  To survive, the faire needs a new vibe that appeals to younger audiences.  Enter a new director and their plan to stage a program called ”Great Death Scenes from Shakespeare.”   ”Great Death Scenes from Shakespeare” is about to get real.  Very real.

This is a fun, comedic play . We are a family friendly Theater. 

Starts Friday April 7th 2023

Runs every Friday 5.30pm-7.30pm
Except one Tuesday May 30th 
Tech day is Wednesday June 7th
Show Dates are
 Friday June 9th and Saturday June 10th
10 week program - $250
Opens to teens 13-19
Comes with 2 FREE Tickets for Friday June 9th


We will be announcing our Conservatory classes shortly. 

Our classes are designed to do the following: 

Immersive professional training in a structured environment

Complete focus on your Art

Collaboration opportunities with your peers

Honing your skills to a professional standard

Resources available to extend your sphere of talent

Learn to become your most authentic self 

Audition prep for college and professional environments 

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