We just love our Youth Performers!!!

Chris York shares his thoughts with us!

We believe this also applies to to all Performance Art. We strive at JPAC to make sure every single beautiful being is given the optimum time to shine and to be who they always wanted to be.

Voice and choir teachers, especially of younger singers: It cannot be overstated how much weight your words carry when telling another human about their singing voice. The right to speak and sing, to bring sound to one’s truth should always be encouraged - regardless of your opinion on the readiness for that voice to have artistic or professional merit. Our job is to be voice finders and voice builders, not “reality setters,” especially when every student’s potential and timeline for growth is boundless.

The number of students I see each week who have been lead to fear or feel shame about their voices is astounding - some carrying scars that are 50+ years old. And these scars often carry over into other aspects of life. Words. Matter.

What an amazing opportunity we have to be the first “yes, you can” that a new singer hears. Singing brings joy to millions who will never set foot on a stage - how lucky we are to introduce and validate someone’s life-long love of singing! ( Thank you Chris York)

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