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Teen Outreach Program


Kristal Mackenzie Photography

Jacksonville Performing Arts believes in their community and are huge advocates for our youth. We welcome every performer and work with many on the spectrum and with disabilities. We want every child to feel limitless. 

 The teen outreach program is a FREE program for our teens to be able to experience  all aspects theatre performance, stage craft, stage management and wardrobe design  with a 12 week program culminating in a final production .

Tickets are sold to  help offset the cost of the Production


This program is a personal give back for Nikki and is close to her heart. Nikki lost her father when she was 14 and soon found herself homeless and living on the streets. Because of her experiences, Nikki vowed she would eventually create a space that would be supportive, encouraging and inspiring for other teens . A strong foundation to use as a stepping stone to even bigger things.

It is not just about the productions, but the friendships made, the support given and a belief that anything and everything is possible. 

The Teen Outreach program is inclusive , we stand for Unity and Community 

We run a FREE Theater Program every Year for our Teens. 

Our Next Teen Outreach program will be released at the End of March 2024

501c3 Non Profit Status

A HUGE THANK YOU to The Carolina Panthers Foundation for the Carolinas for stepping forward to assist us with our mission. This Foundation does so much for so many. We are incredibly Thankful. We Were able to produce Wizard of OZ!!

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