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These Classes are uniquely designed for early childhood development depending on your child's age and needs! Your coach, Ms. Brittany helps you and your child as you spend quality time together, creating a wonderful space to play, learn and explore all while supporting physical, cognitive and social milestones!

Listen to all types of music including a Broadway Themed day!! And once a month there will be a very special Disney themed day -including a storytime 

Experience music through the eyes and ears of your children!  We will begin to experiment with ways to play musical instruments together, accompany a song with rhythm, and act out chosen songs through movement and dance using both their gross motor and fine motor skills. Children have been exposed so much to music at this stage and are at the beginning stages of being able to express themselves musically.

Physical: Sensory play with scarves and instruments, and Bubbles!!
Cognitive: Music play helps children have early appreciation of music and triggers the parts of the brain responsible for language development!
Social: "When words fail, music speaks." Through music we feel all types of emotions. Happy, sad, angry, excited... we feel it all! This social development will help them understand their emotions in a whole new way!

Adult Benefits: You get to engage with your little one making emotional connections and strong bonds. Being involved in your child’s play helps both you feel more connected and you are sure to leave with smiles on your faces and hearts.


Mondays & Wednesdays 

Starting on Monday April 8th 2024

10.00-10.30 am  9-12 months - 30 minutes

10.45-11.15 am  13months-2 years -30 minutes 

11.30-12.00pm- Family class - 30 minutes

$20 for 30 minutes

Please include time slot you would like in the message portion of the form. You may pay for multiple sessions. We cannot register you until payment has been made. 

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