We all know the invaluable benefits theatre can give to a child. JPA prides itself on an environment that enables every child to be seen and heard. To build confidence, self esteem and lifelong friendships. To be in a space where there are no limits to their creativity, expression and possibilities in this world. 

Sadly, there are many kiddo's that cannot participate due to finances and although we sponsor at least 6 kiddo's a year , we do need a little help as our wait list grows too long for us to be able to absorb the cost. We would be so appreciative if you could help us give this gift. 

Sponsor a Child's tuition for one of JPA's Youth programs ( 10 week program) 
to include final production . The cost works out to $12.50 per hour. 
You will receive a " Thank You " letter from your rising star and a tax deduction letter .
The gift you are giving is invaluable and changes lives and outlooks. 
The cost of a program for 10 weeks is $250
Thank you for joining us in making a difference.