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The Margaret Pollard Foundation

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We all know the invaluable benefits theatre can give to a child. JPA prides itself on an environment that enables every child to be seen and heard. To build confidence, self esteem and lifelong friendships. To be in a space where there are no limits to their creativity, expression and possibilities in this world. 

Welcome to the Margaret Pollard Foundation that has been put in place to ensure that all youth that would love the chance to experience the world of Theater can. Margaret loved the Theater her beautiful daughter and kicked us off with a $5000  donation in 2022 which changed so many lives and created this foundation. It is very fitting that Margaret's name will continue to shine in the world of Theater and will be a beautiful legacy to leave for our youth to grow and benefit. We would love your sponsorship to help this foundation grow so many others that are on a waiting list can experience the Arts. Will you help us? 

We sadly have a long waiting list and can only fund so many personally. Please help us in giving the gift of Theater to a budding thespian. The changes we see in our youth are magnificent. The confidence, the self esteem and the friendships are priceless. We work with many actors that are on the spectrum or with disabilities. We are an inclusive and supportive environment for all.
We have option choices starting from $10 

If you have a budding Thespian that would love to have the opportunity to experience Theater , but do not have the funds. Please email Nikki at  . We will be more than happy to help find a sponsor for your child. 

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