Here at JPA it really does take a village!

Come and meet the team.

Nikki Dyba is the President and Creative Director of JPA. She has been immersed in Theater for most of her life. Nikki has performed in London, Oxford, and Stratford-upon-Avon. Nikki loves the arts and the benefits it gives to our youth and so founded the JPA Youth performers program in 2017.  Recently Nikki has joined the world of Playwrights with three Productions under her belt, not to mention writing and choreographing part of the Fire Prevention program for Camp Lejeune Fire Prevention Department. Always finding ways to create , Nikki is the creator and founder of "Theatrics" An award winning Artisan product that follows the Montessori Philosophy for development, creativity and independent play.  Nikki believes that Community Theater is for the community and by the community. It is ageless and timeless and brings joy to many at any age, whether as a performer or a spectator.

"if you are going to make something.... make a difference"


Victoria Gibson is a Vocal Director for JPA. She is pursuing a degree in Theater Performance and has her eyes set on Broadway. We have no doubt she will get there as she has a string of accolades. Scoring as the #1 Alto 2 in the State of NC, performed in the NC Honors Choir, The Wingate All - Carolina Choir , the Onslow County All County Chorus, plus being TRI M President. She has also received specialized vocal training in New York to expand her horizons and to bring back to us here at JPA. Victoria has co -directed 4 productions with JPA to include" Lion King,Shrek, Madagascar, and Disney Under the Stars" ! She cannot wait for all the exciting plans ahead of her!


Anna Vick is a Vocal Director for JPA. She is a classically trained Soprano and has studied voice professionally since the age of 15. Anna has been in many productions at The masonic Theater in New Bern, Cape Carteret community Theater and JPA. Her past performances include: The Magic Flute, Street Scene,The Sound of Music, Hello Dolly , Death of a Hot Sauce Salesman, Disney Under the stars and Little Women. Anna is currently finishing her degree in Worship Studies . Her focus is to bring joy through music therapy and encourage others never to give up.

Anna hopes to bring music therapy to JPA to address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of a group or individual.


Roshun Constant is a Vocal Director for JPA and is originally from Dallas , Texas. Roshun retired from the Navy as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. Her personal motto is "Bloom where you are planted". This has been the mandate for her life and as a result has been effective in touching lives at church, in the Military and in the community. Roshun serves on many ministry teams and organizations. Roshun has been asked to sing the national Anthem at many events, including at the USO and the ACC Tournament in Charlotte. She is also an ordained Elder at New Life Family Worship Center. Roshun has performed in Sister Act, Christmas around the World and many other JPA productions. Roshun has a wonderful teaching style that brings joy and excitement to each rehearsal. We are thrilled to have her aboard!


Patti Aultman is our  "Grand Dame Costumier" . Patti has been with JPA since 2016 and has not looked back since. She is a wiz with a needle and thread and has an immense love for creativity . Patti also performs with the JPA cast  and is always our fabulous comic relief. Patti has performed in "Death of a hot sauce salesman" ,"Christmas around the World" "The USO Express" "Killer reviews" and "The Saggy Awards" Patti is  always our go to for repairs, fixes and solutions. She  creates some amazing costumes and we can never wait to see what will be her next production!!


Nina Speranza is our "Show Troupe Director ,  Nina has performed in many productions with JPA to include Killer Reviews, Death of a hot sauce salesman, Christmas around the World and Disney Under the Stars to name a few. She  is an all round actress, vocalist and dancer and has supported JPA from the start. Nina will be running our Show Troupe division to make sure our performers are all organized, scheduled and ready to go for any upcoming shows.

Nina is also our "go to" for our Youth Performers for main stage shows . We are thrilled that Nina has stepped up to this new position and we know she will do a fantastic job! 


Joseph Speranza is our Lighting guy for JPA. Joe has been with  us since the start and has also been a huge supporter and cheerleader for us. Joseph has performed in many of our Productions and loves to sing, act and dance. You may recognize him best as his role in "Sister Act" and his Roger and Roger duo!  he has also performed in "Christmas around the World" ,"Killer Reviews", "Death of a hot sauce Salesman" and "The Saggy Awards" Joseph runs all the lighting for every Production he is not in and has mastered the art of creating just the right ambiance.


Peter Dyba is 'The Sound Guy" for JPA. Yes, he even has a T-Shirt! Peter has been with JPA since day one and has been the backbone to it all! Designing sets, working on sound equipment and fixing any issues and troubleshooting anything we need. Pete is also the Roger part of Roger AND Roger and loves to interact with the audience and always makes sure everyone is having a great time. Peter also updates any technology, always adjusting our web site and dealing with Ascap, MTI and BMI for rights to production. He designs all tickets and has recently taken over the design of all programs. All in all Peter Dyba is in himself a one man show and we could not run as smoothly as we do without him!!