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This Murder Mystery sequel is filled with more comedy, hilarious sight gags, and dialogue.  The same ten people are unknowingly brought together again under false pretenses, this time at the House on Cable Car Cliff for a masquerade party.  This time their host, G.  Reef, is there...  or at least his body is!  Again, the guests accuse and suspect each other as one by one, they get knocked off until only the butler and maid are left.  It turns out they’re only acting out a mystery story commissioned by Mr. Reef.  Or are they?! 


Ages 11-15 years

10 Week Program

Starting Friday January 5th 

Rehearsals every Friday 


Tech Day is Wednesday March 7th 5-8pm

Show days Friday March 8th and Saturday March 9th


Costumes not include

And Then There Was One, Too Another Spoof

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