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Young members of a community club solicit the town’s eccentric inventor, a strange scientist named Dr. VonDrugen, for help with a clean-up project at a local park.  When the go-getters find themselves trapped in the house with mysterious disappearances and occurrences happening left and right, they start to wonder if the rumors really are true...  could Dr. VonDrugen be a mad scientist turning children into cats?!  To add to the mayhem, a group of school bullies shows up to try to scare the students away.  After all, if Dr. VonDrugen helps them clean up the park, they’ll have to find a new hangout!  Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, they do...  and everyone, including the audience, is surprised one last time!  Fun, quirky characters and plot twists make this play the cat’s meow!


Ages 10-15 years

10 Week Program

Starting Saturday January 27th 

Rehearsals every Saturday


Tech Day is Thursday 4th April 

 Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th


Costumes not included

Mystery on 13th street