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Foundation of Vocal Wellness and Vocal Training

This is such an amazing opportunity for the vocalist in your family. This 6 week course is led by Kacie Johnson who is presently a music therapist with the organization " Voices Together" . Kacie started receiving vocal training in her early high school years and has sung at Disney, SeaWorld  and Carnegie Hall. Kacie has also debut original works  from composers such as " Eyes of Annie and performed in the Operetta " The Merry Widow" 

Kacie has designed a fabulous program to make sure your young actor , vocalist learns the correct foundation for all great vocalists to succeed!

Week 1- Breathing/ Posture & Range (How to identify voice parts)


Week 2- Breathing/ Posture Review (focus on breath control) & Vocal placement (Nasal, Swallowed, and sweet spot sounds)


Week 3- Breathing/ Posture review (focus on endurance) & Picking songs (Song selection/ how to pick the right songs for your voice)


Week 4- Breathing/ Posture review (focus on when and where to breathe during a song) &  go over song selections (is the song choice melody driven or lyric driven?)


Week 5-  Dynamics and melodic story telling/ final touch ups to songs 


Week 6- Song performance!

This program is now full - Please subscribe to us to be in the know when we release the next program in the spring. 

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